Black & White Campaign


The Daughter of King Midas Lives 


The timeless presence of king Midas' daughter was the primary inspiration behind the latest FGTONSILK campaign. The lens follows her from dusk till dawn, as she moves ethereally around a palatial 1970’s Athens mansion. Her rhythmic bouncing between art and antique furniture – many of it being Greek heirlooms and relics of ancient civilisations – creates the perfect foundation for the unraveling of modern storytelling. In an aesthetic that’s dream-like while at the same time being opulent and dramatic, the protagonist assumes the identity of a muse. Elegant, alluring and mysterious, she returns to the present day and gains new existence. A figure rooted in history that is simultaneously timeless and contemporary, she lets her senses overcome her. Through her every move, she relives the myth, as her body gradually turns into gold. The difference now being that this doesn’t kill her – her power exudes.

I facilitate the return the daughter of King Midas with the purpose of making her the symbol of my latest collection Black & White. A woman that chooses to be adorned with gold, so she can appear with the flowing sensation of fine black and white silk. The sensation that brings her back to life and re-purposes her among us: a mythical princess that is everyday royalty. The FGTONSILK woman.


Art Direction / Campaign & Collection designed by Filippos Georgios Tsintavis
Photography & Filming by Joey Leo
Actress: Kelly Spanthi
Hair & Make Up by Joanna Stella Papathanasiou
Music Composition by Joey Leo

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